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February 2014

Chairman’s Award Video

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Currently, the media and business teams have teamed up to work on the video for the Chairman’s Award. We have been conducting interviews with team members to provide different perspectives about being on the team.It has been fun to hear stories and explanations from our team members of why they participate in robotics, and why they love it. Through the filming journey, we have experienced several different technical difficulties that have hindered our progress. This includes cameras without space, running out of battery power, and sound difficulties.  Luckily, our team is resilient and we were able to move forward, finding the solution as completing the majority of our footage on an iPad.  Our next step is to compile the footage and begin editing to create the video.

Chairman’s Award and Shadow Bot

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Today we did more interview for the chairman’s award. Things are going well. We cleared up the audio with a new mic and fine tuning of the mixer board. We also transferred the 2013 cRIO to the new shadow bot. We added components to the new shadow bot. We built the winch mechanism that pulls back the catapult. We added the reversible bumper covers. The programming team worked on vision code and the networking code.