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March 2014

Bag Day

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Bag day came and with heavy hearts we bagged our robot built but with many issues yet to be resolved. Bag day was also a day where we started to build the shadow bot with renewed fervor.

Week 0!

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Week 0 was a great experience for all teams involved although it ended up being more of a workshop day some teams like Harding and central got their robots out on the field and driving. We were talking afterwards, about improvements for next year and we thought that instead of a week 0 competition we would rather do a group build instead.

Progress On the Shadow Bot

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We successfully bagged our robot last week and can no longer work on it. Our current concentration is on creating the shadow bot, a replica of our original robot that we will be able to use to practice driving. This strategy will allow us to be more prepared for competition because our driver and human player can practice as necessary. So far, we have built the frame of the shadow bot. Our focus is mainly on the shooter, because in our competition robot, the shooter has been the most difficult and troublesome part. We plan to become proficient with the shooter so we will be ready on competition day.