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Success at Kickoff

By FRC 2014 No Comments

Yesterday was a day filled with face-paced learning, excitement, innovative ideas, and of course, loads of fun. Our Highland Park Robotics Team hosted Central High and Open School teams for robotics kickoff. The day was a grand success. After watching the newly released game video, called Aerial Assist, members from all three teams shared thoughts and talked strategy. As a rookie team, Open School students were able to ask questions of longtime Highland Park and Central High team members and understand the kickoff process. Teams mixed it up into groups to collaborate on the black box exercise, a brainstorming session that starts robot creation by concentrating on the abilities that the robot should have based on a strategy of choice. At the end of the day, everyone left kickoff feeling excited and full of ideas for this season. Hopefully as the season continues, our relationships with Open School and Central High will continue to grow close and be a source of learning.