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Planning day

By January 6, 2014January 10th, 2016FRC 2014

Today we made plans for how we should approach the competition. The team met at mentor Jeremy’s office Code Weavers at 1:00 PM and we stayed and made plans for this year until 4:00 PM but many members stayed later still filled with fervor. The team made great progress even simulating the game with humans pretending to be robots to get a feel for what strategy is the best. We considered many strategies whether we should be defensive, offensive and whether we should try and shoot goals at all. In the end we came to a general consensus that what we wanted was to be a team that could score points without dependency on our teammates in the event that they were disabled or we could fall in line and work well in a team. Our priority list though was soon scrapped when we found that a collapsible chair was an extremely versatile tool that we could use. The chair can clamp the ball, hold the ball, roll the ball, catch the ball, and the loose material the chair is made out of allows for it to be hit from behind and shot into the air.

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