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Chassis Complete, Design Decided!

By January 11, 2014January 10th, 2016FRC 2014

Today we made a lot of progress in designing and building our robot. The robot has a ramp on the front and two wheels on either side that help pick spin the ball up on top of the robot. We settled on this designed after much controversy on many topics like how we should carry the ball, how we should launch the ball, how we should pick up the ball. But in the last hour of practice a small group came up with a succinct design that incorporated the best of both designs.

We plan to add to our design and continue revisions of it throughout the build process.Today we also built the stock chassis that we purchased through FIRST now we just have to wire it up. The business team worked away at finding and emailing possible sponsors and sent messages to some 50 possible sponsors. Last but not least the programming team worked on the network code for the raspberry pi. we plan to use the raspberry pi to run vision code that had previously been too large for the FMS.

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