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Como Summit

By January 20, 2014January 10th, 2016FRC 2014

On Saturday members of the Highland Park Robotics Team attended a summit meeting at Como Park High School to discuss strategy with out St. Paul teams. From this summit many teams received help with any issues they had been having with their robots. Back at school though our team was working away at building the robot. The team did many things as our build team captain summarized towards the end of the day saying :

“Chassis Team: Drive train is functional, and the wiring is complete. as of right now the right encoder on the gearbox is not functional, but this might change before the end of the meeting. the bumper mountings are done, and the noodles are being secured. the cloth covers are not done and plans are being made to make them.

Next meeting: bat box, finishing bumpers, finishing touches and transferal to driver training!

Launcher Team: finished catapult assembly and performed a test fire! (Woo!) Made concepts for a quick release mechanism. worked on how the forklift will work and futzed with lots of ideas.

Next meeting: Determine appropriate width for catapult frame to allow attachment and movement of fork assembly and cut to size.  Work towards finalizing fork design.

Pneumatic Team: worked on concepts for the pneumatic lifting system for the forklift. tried to find a trigger release. settled on four bar linkage for loader movement. adding a spike relay.

Next meeting: debug mechanical, electrical, and code components.”

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