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Ready for launch

By January 24, 2014January 10th, 2016FRC 2014

The balls are flying as we continue to test our catapult. Today we are experimenting with loaders and how to get our loader into position without exceeding our 20 inch limit. The scoop has to be able to go from on top out robot to on the side of our robot. We are looking into using four bar linkages to do so. The chassis team is hard at work attaching the battery, bumpers, and the wireless router to the base of the robot. The build team is also working on the winch to crank back the catapult. Today we worked more on pneumatic systems to power both the loader and to release the launcher. We are experimenting with the ultrasonic sensor, we plan to use it to aid the drivers depth perception. The programming team is working on a lot of projects like running code on the robot, testing the ultrasonic sensor, and working on the website.

Yesterday we worked on the robot at our mentor Jeremy’s house due to school being closed. We experimented with four bar linkages and tested the maximum torque of our robot pushing a couch with teammates on it.

The torque test video is on our YouTube channel here.

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