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Prototypes Are Off To A Roaring Start

By January 6, 2015January 10th, 2016FRC 2015

Hello Everyone!

Today (January 6th) was our first official practice of the 2015 build season. Build team set out and began building prototypes for three different robot concepts and had a small group of people begin wiring the new control board and RoboRio. CAD Team set out and began gathering all the model of game pieces and the field. They then began making models of some of the prototypes and the chassis. Programming team began setting up all the computers for programming and driving this 2015 season. Business team then went and began discussing the Chairman’s Award.

We hope that by the end of our practice the upcoming Thursday that build team has some more progress on our prototypes and that the control board is all wired and the RoboRio is ready to hand off to the programming team so that they can image the RoboRio. CAD hopes to have successful models of the field and field elements by the end of next Thursday. Programming team wants to have all of our computers ready with the new software and be ready to code any prototypes if need be. Along with that we want to successfully image the RoboRio. Business Team is hoping to begin the process of outreaching to our community and making sure we are the model team to hopefully make us eligible candidates for the coveted Chairman Award.

Also two new positions were awarded to some lucky members today. Our new Safety Tsar is Skyler and his counterpart the Rule Tsar is (me) Qwadir. Skylers job is to know all of the safety rules and make sure that everyone on the team is following them and knowledgeable about them. The Rule Tsar’s job is to keep updated on all the revisions of the game manual and make sure that the team knows about these.

And now, a message from the Safety Tsar to 2823 members:

Hey everyone, it’s Skyler. I just wanted to remind everyone with long hair to make sure that they bring a hair tie or binder to the next practice. Also make sure that you are wearing your safety glasses. That is all.

That rounds up our announcements and updates for today. See everyone soon.

**Members of 2823 – The Secret Password is Git**

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