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The Season Begins

By January 12, 2016January 16th, 2016FRC, FRC 2016

Hey Everyone!

A lot has happened since we last updated you guys so let us get right into it.

First off, as you may have noticed this is the new website for HP Robotics. HP Robotics is composed of FRC Team 2823 and FTC team 10209 currently. There will be some lovely updates coming to the website within the next couple of weeks. If you encounter any issues or have some questions regarding the website feel free to email us at

Now, for the info that you all really want to hear. The FRC Game has been announced! You can find more info on that by clicking here.

The FRC Team is already hard at work. We began with a great kickoff at Central hosted by The Minutebots – FRC Team 4536. We watched the game along with many other St. Paul Hub teams and then we broke off and discussed the game and its rules in its entirety. The next day around 15 of us met and discussed strategy and robot design. Then on Monday we met again and discussed strategy and robot design as a whole and we decided on a couple aspects regarding strategy and the robot itself.

More updates will be coming shortly.

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