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Stop Build Day is Near

By February 10, 2016February 14th, 2016FRC, FRC 2016

Aaah! It’s been so busy we forgot to post updates. Sorry about that, we will try to make post more frequently. Now on to the information you all want to hear.

Stop build day is coming up! To be more exact it is February 23rd. That means that our robot has to be completely done and placed in a bag for our first competition in Duluth. We have made great progress on our robot and we will slowly release more information about our robot as it is being completed.

Today we present the information about our chassis!

The chassis is rolling with 12″ wheels which are attached by #35 chain and are in Tank Drive via 4 CIM motors and Vex Pro Gear Boxes.

Here goes some photos and even a video of the chassis in action.




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