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Lake Superior Regional

By March 8, 2016FRC, FRC 2016

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to give everyone an update about what is going on with HP Robotics and how we did at the Lake Superior Regional out in Duluth, MN. To summarize things, we did really well. This was our best regional thus far in terms of our accomplishments.

After the qualification matches we ended up in Rank 16 which meant to move on to playoffs we needed to be picked by another team that was in the top 8. We graciously accepted an invitation to join team 2538 – The Plaid Pillagers – and team 4531 – STEMpunk – in Alliance number 6 which allowed us to go on to playoffs. We ended up having to bow out in semifinals due to robot malfunctions, but we were still very excited to make it that far. After all was said and done we ended up in Rank 3rd overall.

Along with ranking as high as we ever had before we ended up winning the creativity award sponsored by Xerox. This officially sealed the deal as our best and funnest regional yet. We still have one more regional to go and expect a post soon with more information on that.

In the meantime – DFTBA

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