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FIRST Steamworks!

By February 2, 2017March 25th, 2017FRC, FRC 2017

Hey, Everyone! 2823 is back and with a bang!

This year’s game is quite the challenge and since its release we have been hard at work on it. If you do not know about this year’s game you can see the game animation below along with updates about what we have been doing since kickoff!


We have put a lot of time and effort into our prototypes thus far and we will see that continue until at least the end of this week as we perfect them into mechanisms to go onto our chassis.

  • Gear Mechanisms 

The first mechanism that we began working on is the mechanism to pick up and place gears. The original goal of this mechanism was not only to catch and carry the gear but also to do so from odd angles. The major reasoning behind such design choice was due to the fact that we want our cycle times to be as low as possible. Having a gear mechanism that can work within many ranges allows us to be within a wide margin of error which in turn allows for quicker turnaround and cycle times. Check out video of the mechanism prototype below.

  • Climber Mechanism

The climber is one of those mechanisms that we wanted to prototype as soon as possible. We feel that this mechanism has a high value and will set teams apart while it also has the potential to decide crucial matches. One thing that we did take into account is that we can bring our own rope. With this being an option in this years game we believe that it can easily be used to our advantage by designing the climber around a rope of our choosing. We also want it to be quick and sturdy as our robot needs to remain on the rope for the points to be valid. Check out some video below.


  • Intake Prototype

We have very recently begun design on our intake prototype. More information will come in a future post. For now, check out this video of last years robot intake on this years field elements. It surprisingly works pretty well.

  • Shooter Prototype

The shooter is a vital piece of our strategy. While it serves a seemingly simple task it can easily be one of the most complex things to prototype. We had a lot of thorough discussion as a team regarding our shooter. We realize that while it is important to be able to shoot from a fixed position it is also important to be able to do so rapidly and consistently. It is still an ever evolving prototype and we will keep you updated on its progress.

That’s all for now! DFTBA!

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If you would like to contribute to the team, please use this link to contribute through GiveMN. Thank you!

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