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Getting ready for 10k!

By April 1, 2017April 6th, 2017FRC, FRC 2017

Hey, everyone! Thanks for keeping up with us.

On bag day (or, for the non-robotics folk, February 21st) we finally completed our robot for this year and gave it a name. Meet Omnibus!

picture of omni

Omnibus gets its name from the fact that every component is stored inside of its box frame – besides being a name for a collection of books, omnibus is an adjective meaning “containing or including many items”. After the build process was complete, we programmed it and put it in a bag.

When we went to Northern Lights, our first regional of the year, it turned out Omnibus was slightly overweight. We had to cut a bunch of holes in its frame and get rid of some components, and because of that and our lack of drive practice, we didn’t get off to a great start. With some repairs to the robot, we managed to win 4 out of our 8 qualification matches, pulling ourselves up from last place to 28th place. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it past qualifications, but we learned a lot from the competition and made tons of improvements to our robot – and once we can legally take it out of the bag again, there’ll certainly be more to come.

Match Red Alliance Blue Alliance Scores
3723 2823 4786 2512 3036 2509 190 255
2491 2823 6132 3298 4665 5172 92 151
2989 2501 4859 3298 2823 3026 165 106
2518 5143 2987 6758 3130 2823 190 241
4226 3883 3313 2823 5143 2883 160 240
2502 4624 2823 6628 5232 2846 157 147
3297 6044 2823 3026 5882 2499 145 181
3367 5929 6707 4656 3754 2823 165 197

We built a shadow-bot between competitions to test code and build new mechanisms, and since we can actually test on it and make adjustments, our outlook is even better than before. Our shooter mechanism can now get 21 kPa in autonomous mode – and it’s pretty dependable.

We’ve also made improvements to our gear catching mechanism and our climber using the shadow-bot. We’ve gone from a passive gear catcher – which just catches and delivers a gear – to an active gear catcher that can actually put the gear on the spring. We also let our drive team have some much-needed practice, so now we’re pretty proficient with our robot.


The business team has been working hard to perfect our presentation for the Chairman’s Award – for those not in the know, the Chairman’s Award is the most prestigious award a team can possibly win. It celebrates growth as a team and promoting STEM to one’s community. Along with that they have been working to get more sponsors to allow for more events in the near future.

That’s all for now! DFTBA!

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