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Post-Build Season

By February 21, 2019FRC 2019

Hello again, Automatons fans! Thank you for continuing to support the team and keep up with what we’re up to.

Two days ago was “stop build day”, more commonly known among FIRST participants as “bag day”. It’s the day when we have to cease all work on the robot and store it in a plastic bag until our first regional competition – or it was, anyway. This past bag day was actually the last one FIRST is ever going to enforce; come next year, teams can continue working on their robots indefinitely. It’s sad to see bag day go, but we made the best of what we hope to be our last late-night robot building session. To quote our coach, this year’s ‘bot is “one of the most functional robots we’ve ever bagged”. The jury’s still out on its name, but rest assured we’ll come up with something sooner or later.

In other news, the business team has been hard at work, too – our media guy made a pretty hilarious parody of the Destination: Deep Space game announcement. It’s an homage to the “Pitch Meeting” YouTube series, and it was written, directed, and performed entirely by him. Check it out below:

That’s all for now! See you at the Northern Lights regional on March 7th!

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