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Back from Summer!

By September 22, 2019Uncategorized

Hello again from Team 2823! It’s been a fun few months of relaxing (and a couple less fun weeks of school) since our last update, but, rest assured, we’ve kept ourselves plenty busy!

Over the summer, we did a number of outreach events, including demos at the Minnesota State Fair, 3M’s Robots Invade the Plaza event and HighlandFest. During these events, we educated people about the FIRST program, explained how our ‘bot works, distributed plenty of buttons, and even gave youngsters the opportunity to drive the robot! HighlandFest was a particularly special event for us this year because we were not only doing all of those things, but we were doing them on Fox 9 News. Cool, right? We definitely thought so.

In other news, we had our first meeting of the year last Thursday. We served pizza, and then, in a surprising turn of events, had team veterans and new recruits alike collaborate to build a tower out of the empty pizza boxes! Of course, we never said that the tower had to be touching the ground, so people figured out pretty quickly that they could maximize height by simply taping the top of their tower to the ceiling. That’s the kind of innovation that we admire but find slightly annoying – i.e., just what our team needs.

As for upcoming events, we’re currently gearing up for our annual Car Wash in the HP Parking lot! This one will be on Saturday, the 28th, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Come and get your car washed for the meager price of $5.00 (although if you do want to pay more we wouldn’t mind) by robotics students, and proceeds will go towards next year’s robot! You can also share the graphic below with your friends, family, and followers!

That’s all for now! Be sure to follow us on twitter @hprobotics for more updates.

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