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Today is Give to The Max

By November 18, 2021Uncategorized

Give to the Max day is on November 18th–which is today! You may already know this if you have been receiving a bunch of similar emails from other organizations. But how many of those organizations can say they have built a beautiful, capable robot that can launch balls in all directions and hang from various heights? Also, one of the strongest principles our team upholds is that STEM education and opportunities should be universally accessible, regardless of economic class, gender, race, or location. Because of this, we do not charge activity or membership fees to our students so that there is no monetary barrier to joining our team. This requires us to work hard every year on fundraising. Please consider donating to HP Robotics Parent Org, a non-profit 501c3 solely focused on supporting robotics at Highland Park. Your tax deductible donations can be submitted either directly to the team by check or online with GiveMN.  Share this link with family and friends: Or mail to:
HP Robotics Parent Org
PO Box 16414
St. Paul, MN 55116 And don’t forget to check with your employer for company match opportunities! Thank you for your generosity,
HP Robotics Parent Organization Inc
Tax id:  81-4584912

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